Amazed by the Sunrise in Ciater, Subang, West Java

subang jawa barat

Tatar Pasundan (The Sundanesse Land) really deserves to be called the land of Parahyangan (The Land of God), because of its natural beauty. Piece of its natural beauty can be viewed in Ciater, Subang, West Java which presents incredible mountain scenery.

The magnificent scenery of would be perfect if we enjoy it in the early morning. The beauty of the sunrise with a spectacular landscape will make you very amazed. You don’t need to bring a backpack filled with equipment to climb the mountain to see the rising sun. You just need to rent a villa in Ciater area and willing to get up very early. After waking up, just open your room’s windows and enjoy the beautiful sun rises over the mountains and the expanse of tea plantations, at the foot of Mount Tangkuban Parahu.

Ciater, subang jawa barat

If you want to get a better view, one needs to go to a higher place. Approximately 700 meters from the Sari Ater, precisely on the -Bandung roadside, the beauty of sunrise is magnificent from this spot. The rising sun presents a perfect natural wonders in Ciater. Golden tinge of the light colors the sidelines of the white clouds that look frozen between the hills at the foot of Mount Tangkuban Parahu. The tea plantations exposed by the morning sunlight looks so incredible.

Unfortunately, the beauty of sunrise on the slopes of mount Tangkuban Parahu cannot be enjoyed every morning. Sometimes, one can only see a thick fog covering this area. The beauty of the rising sun in this place would be perfect if the weather is really bright.


In addition to enjoy the stunning beauty of the landscapes, you can also do other interesting activities in Ciater. Here, you can relax in the natural hot spring which is one of the best hot springs in Indonesia. You can also enjoy the rafting, horseback riding and other exciting adventurous activities here. You can also visit mount Tangkuban Parahu which will take about 15 minutes from Ciater.

The journey to will take about 3 hours from Jakarta, 1 hour from Bandung and only 45 minutes from Subang, West Java.