Burger King Malaysia: Beef Burgers, Love at first Sight!

Burger King is the most popular burger restaurant chain in the world. From its humble beginnings back in 1963 in Florida, it has come a long way. Today Burger King has close to 18,000 restaurants all around the world and serves burger fans in more than a hundred countries. The success of Burger King can be attributed to the high quality of food they serve. No matter how good a company is at marketing its products, until and unless the product is not good, it cannot enjoy as much success as enjoyed by Burger King. Initially, the restaurant chain’s menu revolved mainly around burgers, french fries, and soda drinks. But today it has a much more diverse menu. Burger King has enjoyed the same level of success in Malaysia too. Malaysians love enjoying burgers from Burger King. In this article, we will review their new introduced beef burgers. These burgers are really popular amongst the Malaysian population. Let’s get started and see what makes them so popular.

Double the meaty goodness:

Imagine a good burger, now imagine a burger with twice the goodness. Yes, that’s what this burger is. They even call it the Double Beefacon.

In this burger, you get double beef patty, double cheese slices as compared to a normal beef burger. Now some people might that that so much stuffing might make the burger too spicy or too much to handle. But I assure you, you will fall in love with this burger.

Once you eat the Double Beefacon, you will never go for any other beef burger. The beef patty is thick and soft. It’s juicy and full of flavors. There is nothing to even compare when it comes to the beef patty of this burger. They prepare the patty in such a manner that even if you order it at your home from burger king delivery via FoodPanda Delivery,

Check them here : https://www.foodpanda.my/  the patty will still taste just as tasty and juicy as at the Burger King restaurant. The cheese slices are also a real delicacy here. I have had burgers based around cheese and most of them were disappointing.

It really makes me sad when I find bad tasting cheese in a cheeseburger. But the cheese used here is really fresh and soft. The cheese in this burger is so good that some people might even get confused and say we are not sure if it is a beef burger or a cheeseburger.

The Buns:

We all have had burgers in our lives that tasted bad because of bad quality buns. Buns are just as important as the patty of the burger.

No matter how good the stuffing of a burger might be, if the buns are of low quality, everything will go to waste. Burger King knows this, after all, they have more than 60 years of experience selling burgers. The buns are in this burger, and for that matter in all the burgers available at the Burger King, are of exceptional quality. They are fresh and soft. They are prepared in such a way that the buns soak up the flavors from the patty so that they do not taste bland. They made sure that the buns are not overly sweet. I have eaten burgers with overly sweet buns. Such buns always ruin the burger as their sweet taste overpowers the flavors of the patty. If you are a burger fan then I strongly recommend that you give this one a try. In my experience, the Double Beefacon tastes best with a can of coke. You can also go for some other drink from their menu.